Website Development



Website Features

  • Home Page Design
  • Website Footer
  • About Page
  • Internal Web Pages
  • Backend Admin
  • Domain Name
  • Company Name
  • Search Bar
  • Logo
  • Description
  • Navigation Bar
  • CTAs
  • A CTA, or call to action, can be anything from “create a login,” to “book a demo,” to “get on our mailing list.” It’s a convincing plea to users, begging they take some kind of action on your site that would involve later contact, and it is often coupled with some sort of incentive.
  • Images
  • Internal Links
  • Testimonials/Customer Feedbacks
  • Live Chat
  • Subscriber Opt-in
  • Social Media Icons
  • Map to Your Business
  • Business Hours
  • Contact Info
  • Contact Form
  • Biography
  • Teams and Employees
  • Blog
  • SEO/Optimization Tool
  • Website Hosting
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Instarr Website Development Service with 20 Webpages