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Javascript keyboard operation

var keyboardfocuskey;var keylist=[1,2,3,4,5]; var currentFocusedKey=1;//input fragment function findElementWithKey( keyboardfocuskey ){ return element ; } function focusOnElement( element ){ } function onEnterEvent(){ newFocusedKey= currentFocusedKey + 1; if(newFocusedKey == keylist.length){focusOnElement( findElementWithKey( newFocusedKey ) );}else if( newFocusedKey == keylist.length ){focusOnElement( findElementWithKey( newFocusedKey ) );}else{newFocusedKey = 1;focusOnElement( findElementWithKey( newFocusedKey ) );} } functoin onShiftEnterEvent(){ newFocusedKey = currentFocusedKey – 1; focusOnElement( findElementWithKey( newFocusedKey ) ); }


USED FOR MYSQL ssh -i id_rsa -N -L 13306:REMOTE_DATABASE_HOST:3306 pshridhar@INTERMEDIATE_SERVER_IP 13306 port will be mapped to remote server port 3306 User 13306 to connect to server 3306 remote port User localhost or as db host name pshridhar is user of remote intermediate server , it can be removed if we can directly connect to server “/Applications/” “-uDATABASE_USER” “-h127.0.0.1” -P13307 –pDBPASSWORD DATABASENAME

Woocommerce 5.5 unable to create order

About WordPress Search Log In Register Skip to content Search for:Submit Showcase Learn Themes Plugins Mobile Support Get Involved About Blog Hosting Get WordPress Skip to content Support Forums Guidelines Documentation Get Involved Search for: Search forums Support » Plugin: WooCommerce » Unable to create order Unable to create order ResolvedSteveo123 (@steveo123)2 years, 11 months agoWe upgraded our dev site to Woocommerce 3.4.4. Since then when we try sending a test order through we are getting “Unable to create order” […]

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