Automobile Business

Automobile Business

How to start auto repair Business, An auto repair business is very simple Business as this Business in India can be found in every lane, on every highway, etc. As this Business run by many of the people who have better knowledge about the car, bikes in short by vehicle. Many professional and also many non-professionals are running this auto garage Business but there ways and methods of doing this Business is different. As it differs with money, education or knowledge the person have and also the available resources. So let’s discuss the different ways of auto garage Business is run or being run.

Setup the simple Auto garage Business

First, decide the perfect location for your Business as the location should be in a mob area or by road. As mob area helps to know the people about your garage and work.

As the interior of your garage should be good. Good means there should be good paint for your wall, you can make the interior as per your theme also but one thing should be always content in the garage that is cleanliness and the tools should be at their places it should not be spread, everyone. As it makes a good impression on the customer and the customer mentality will be positive towards your work. So follow it.

Response to the customer
Response to your customers on their every question and also ask for their feedback. Share the problems with customers which you saw in their vehicles while repairing and also tell them the solution on it.

Time management
Time is the most important and very effective impression on your customers. Give promised time to the customer and also follow it. If you promise to give the vehicle at 8 p.m then get ready the vehicle on time.

You can give some discount to the customer. As it will attract them to visit again. You can prefer to give a discount to new customers.

Without permission
Don’t deal with the vehicle without the permission of your customers. Such as getting out fuel from the vehicle, or dealing with the engine. Before getting into asking the permission of your customer. The only legality you should follow that is the GST registration. To work very systematically you should have these:

Two stand lift. Tool-room or tool trey.

Tank for oil.
Storage rack.
Air compressor.
Job card.

Your body protector
Boiler unit.
Safety goggles.

For starting your investment will be for tools and place and also for the parts. If you should have parts then it should be in at least dozens. The around investment for a simple garage should be 30k-50k. As you can also start the auto garage Business through the franchise model. As if you prefer to franchise then you can get into professionalism as here your investment may be more. But due to branding, you can target your customers can attract you.


Here your investment will be 5lakh
Space required 500 sqft.
Profits you will earn is 8%-10%.

Speed force for two-wheeler service: It is a company of Gujarat as they have more than 40 stores. Investment :min 7.5 lacs-10 lacs. Location: 12-15 ft at frontage ground floor minimum 40 sqft. As here the setup will be done by the  company. Services which are provided by the company.
Hand holding activities.
On the job training.
Timely visit and technical support.
Customer feedback.
Cross learning

Their support
CCTV camera.
Branding material.
Marketing kit.
Marketing support.
Visit and audits.

As they aim to give transparency in service at the doorstep at reasonable charges.
Services such as.
Periodic services.
Minor and major services.
Accidental services.
Battery services.
Annual Maintenance Contract.
Pickup and drop.
Breakdown service.
Value-added service.
Insurance service.

How you can apply.
Apply through the website – submit required documents – location – full payment – they send the equipment – Inauguration process. You can also target the specific Business in it such as car wash Business or car modification Business. Let discuss dentally.

Car wash Business

Car wash Business is very basic Business it can be done any of them it doesn’t require a special skill just you need some tools. The average investor should be 50k – l lakhs. As the required machinery or you can say tools.
Water motor – 10000.
Pressure machine – 8000.
Shampoo – 1200.
8m pipe – 400
As these around figure which you may spend on tools. And also your investment will be utilized for rented places. Around you can assume for rent place 15000 and also your one more expenses on electricity. Around figure you can earn from this Business is 24000. As these, all are assumed figure so you can take care of it.

Car modification Business

This Business is required a large capital. As this Business is done maybe by professional as in these your work is to modify the car. As it means changing the look of the car. But this one may be a profitable business. Require place is 30ft *40ft. The location should be on-road or it should near new showrooms.
Required employees :
2 helper.
2 mechanics trained.
1 owner or manager.

Required tools
All size of alloys.
All led lights.
Trending headlights.
Taping & wrapping machine.
Music system.
Car tools and machines.
Seat covers.
Number plate material.
All type of car horns.

Required investment
If you start from 30 alloys then the investment is 15 lakhs. So around you can start with 40 lakhs of investment.

The government has still not banned but it may be.

As from each work you can earn around 10000 so you can assume from it.
So this how you can start the car modification Business but is high capital Business. There is also a Business which rarely done in this way the combination of all these. Running it as a company. Here to convert the workshop into the company you have to give a legal face. First, you have the decide the location.
The place should have different room if not then you have to have a partition in it.
There should be 6 rooms-
Restroom: So that customers can rest till the work gets completed.
Electrician room: Here you can do all electrical works.
Painting: Here you can carry all types of denting and painting work.
Washing: Here you can carried out car service or bike services work.
Spare parts room: The place where you can store the spare parts.
Office: A specific office where you can deal with your clients And also keep helper, an accountant, dress code, training. You should also hire a marketing person who will bring more customers to you. The work of the marketing person will be to visit every shoos and offices and to inform all of them about your work and also about your offers. Here the required investment will be 5 lakhs. Around.


Sometimes it depends upon the skill and sometimes it depends upon money. So if you want to start your business then you should bring these three aspects together that is money, service and skill. Then it is possible to run the auto service business successfully.

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