• Installing/Configuring
  • Runtime Configuration

  • Runtime Configuration
  • Runtime Configuration

    Runtime Configuration

    The behaviour of these functions is affected by
    settings in php.ini.

    The zlib extension offers the option to
    transparently compress your pages on-the-fly, if the requesting
    browser supports this. Therefore there are three options in the

    Zlib Configuration Options
    Name Default Changeable Changelog
    zlib.output_compression “0” PHP_INI_ALL  
    zlib.output_compression_level “-1” PHP_INI_ALL  
    zlib.output_handler “” PHP_INI_ALL  

    For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* modes, see the
    Where a
    configuration setting may be set

    Here’s a short explanation of the configuration

    zlib.output_compression boolean/integer

    Whether to transparently compress pages. If this
    option is set to “On” in php.ini or the
    Apache configuration, pages are compressed if the browser sends an
    “Accept-Encoding: gzip” or “deflate” header. “Content-Encoding:
    gzip” (respectively “deflate”) and “Vary: Accept-Encoding” headers
    are added to the output. In runtime, it can be set only before
    sending any output.

    This option also accepts integer values instead of
    boolean “On”/”Off”, using this you can set the output buffer size
    (default is 4KB).


    output_handler must be empty if this is set ‘On’ !
    Instead you must use zlib.output_handler.

    zlib.output_compression_level integer

    Compression level used for transparent output
    compression. Specify a value between 0 (no compression) to 9 (most
    compression). The default value, -1, lets the server decide which
    level to use.

    zlib.output_handler string

    You cannot specify additional output handlers if
    zlib.output_compression is activated here. This setting does the
    same as output_handler but in a different order.