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  • WinCache Session Handler
  • WinCache Session Handler

    WinCache Session Handler

    The WinCache session handler (available since
    WinCache 1.1.0) can be used to configure PHP to store the session
    data in shared memory session cache. Using shared memory instead of
    the default file session storage helps improve performance of PHP
    applications that store large amount of data in session objects.
    Wincache session cache uses file-backed shared memory, which
    ensures that the session data is not lost during recycling of IIS
    application pools.

    To configure PHP to use WinCache session handler
    set the php.ini setting session.save_handler to wincache. By default the Windows temporary file
    location is used for storing the session data. To change the
    location of the session file use session.save_path directive.

    Example #1 Enabling WinCache session

    session.save_handler = wincache
    session.save_path = C:\inetpub\temp\session\