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    In order to write future-proof code, it is
    recommended that you don’t place many variables, functions or
    classes in the global namespace. This will prevent naming conflicts
    with 3rd party code as well as possible future additions to the

    One common way to prevent naming conflicts of
    functions and classes is to add them to their own dedicated


    namespace MyProject;

    function my_function() {


    This still needs you to keep track of already used
    namespaces, but once you have decided on a namespace you will be
    using you can add all functions and classes to it without having to
    think about conflicts again.

    It is considered best practice to limit the number
    of variables added to the global scope in order to prevent naming
    conflicts with 3rd party code.

    Note: Variable

    Because of PHP’s scoping rules
    variables defined inside functions and methods are not in the
    global scope and as such cannot conflict with other variables
    defined in the global scope.