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    The following list gives an overview of which
    rights the PHP project reserves for itself, when choosing names for
    new internal identifiers. The definitive guide is the official

    • PHP owns the top-level namespace but tries to find
      decent descriptive names and avoid any obvious clashes.

    • Function names use underscores between words, while
      class names use both the camelCase and PascalCase

    • PHP will prefix any global symbols of an extension
      with the name of the extension. (In the past, there have been
      numerous exceptions to this rule.) Examples:

    • Iterators and Exceptions are however simply
      postfixed with “Iterator” and “Exception.”

    • PHP reserves all symbols starting with __
      as magical. It is recommended that you do not create symbols
      starting with __ in PHP unless you want to use documented
      magical functionality. Examples: