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  • Runtime Configuration

  • Runtime Configuration
  • Runtime Configuration

    Runtime Configuration

    The behaviour of these functions is affected by
    settings in php.ini.

    SQLite Configure Options
    Name Default Changeable Changelog
    sqlite.assoc_case “0” PHP_INI_ALL Available since PHP 5.0.0.

    For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* modes, see the
    Where a
    configuration setting may be set

    Here’s a short explanation of the configuration

    sqlite.assoc_case int

    Whether to use mixed case (0), upper case
    (1) or lower case (2) hash indexes.

    This option is primarily useful when you need
    compatibility with other database systems, where the names of the
    columns are always returned as uppercase or lowercase, regardless
    of the case of the actual field names in the database schema.

    The SQLite library
    returns the column names in their natural case (that matches the
    case you used in your schema). When sqlite.assoc_case is set to 0 the
    natural case will be preserved. When it is set to 1 or
    2, PHP will apply case folding on the hash keys to upper-
    or lower-case the keys, respectively.

    Use of this option incurs a slight performance
    penalty, but is MUCH faster than performing the case folding
    yourself using PHP script.