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    Session support is enabled in PHP by default. If
    you would not like to build your PHP with session support, you
    should specify the –disable-session option to configure.
    To use shared memory allocation (mm) for session storage configure
    PHP –with-mm[=DIR] .

    The Windows version of PHP has built-in support
    for this extension. You do not need to load any additional
    extensions in order to use these functions.


    By default, all data related to a particular
    session will be stored in a file in the directory specified by the
    session.save_path INI option. A file for each session (regardless
    of if any data is associated with that session) will be created.
    This is due to the fact that a session is opened (a file is
    created) but no data is even written to that file. Note that this
    behavior is a side-effect of the limitations of working with the
    file system and it is possible that a custom session handler (such
    as one which uses a database) does not keep track of sessions which
    store no data.