Sell on Amazon,Flipkart

How to sell on Amazon, Flipkart


As we know that technology is booming in this century and also at this stage everything is possible to do. Due to innovation and advance technology many startups as taking place day by day such as amazon, Flipkart, reliance on digital. This startup has reached to their success story and also earning a successful profit from it. But also these startup has indirectly helped the other Business to grow. Yes in this startup many numbers of running their Business successful. Such a Kirana store, store of cloth, store of footwear and many more etc.

So if you have individual Business of selling or manufacturing or you have your unique product then you will get the opportunity to sell the product across the world and also across India as yours. Product may be reached to Evert city and earn good money out of it. If make use of this startup. Now the question arises how. As you can get registered with a particular startup. As we will discuss three models i.e amazon, Flipkart, reliance digital.


Amazon is an e-commerce site. This is a successful e-commerce site because nowadays many customers refer to buy from amazon. So there is a big market for your product on amazon.

So first get registered on it.

Visit amazon. in

As you will get two types. of seller.

Professional seller and individual seller

So choose as per the category

Then first create an account – register with legal Business name-verify through mobile number-mention your information – then see whether Shipping is available as per your location or not – if not then you have to do shipping from third party-now then mentioned the GST number – then now select the category of your product – add the product list- select the shipping self-ship or easy ship(amazon ship) – bank details such as account number, IFSC code, etc – tax details such as products tax code-at last you will get your dashboard.

This is the process of registration as a seller on amazon. Now let’s discuss the required documents you needed

  • Pan card.
  • GSTIN.
  • Bank accounts (current or savings)

Amazon co: mission :

Amazon charges 3 types of fees

  • Referral fees :
  • Fixed closing fees :
  • Shipping fees:

Referral fees will depend upon the category. Different categories have different feesq#

Fixed closing fees :

If the Selling price is 0-25 0 rs then fixed close fees will charge 2 rs.

If the selling price is 250-300 rs then fixed close fees will be 5 rs.

If the selling price is 500-1000 rs then fixed closing price will be 20 rs.

If the selling price is 1000 rs to and above pri then fixed close price will be 40 rs.

Easy ship (amazon Shipping)

Local shipping

Delivery is done in the local area or a nearby state.

Regional shipping

Delivery is done from one state to another state.

National shipping

Delivery is done far away from the state.

As the charges are different as per location and also as per weight.Lets Discuss

  1.    500 gm is standard items.
  • Local charge: 27 rs.
  • Regional charge:45 rs.
  • National charge: 65 rs.

2.    5 kg is the over site item

  • Local charge: 124 rs
  • Regional charge:164 rs.
  • National charge: 213 rs.

3.   12 kg heavy bulk item

  • Local charges: 175 rs.
  • Regional charges:255 rs.

Now let calculator all charges and how much profit you earn. The total charge the amazon will charge that is. Referral charge, fixed closing fee, tax class charge, shipping charges. The total you will get is profit margin and your Shipping charges which you can charge to your customers. Selling price +shipping charge (you charge)+printing and packaging – commission – shipping fees(amazon charge to you) – tax.


Flipkart is also an e-commerce site. It is also a successful e-commerce site where you get a big market and customer from it. As the Business model is similar but you have to run the business according to their rules and regulations.

How to get registered :

Visit the website – click start selling option-get regenerated as a seller – verify the email address – Then create your account – then verify through the mobile number – set a pickup location and Pincode – mention the legal business name- GSTIN number – Bank details and complete the KYC documents such as cancel cheque and get verify after receiving the 1 rs from the company- Put the display name it should be related to your products- Add products listing- at last complete some more process you will get your dashboard.

This how you will get into the registration process of Flipkart.

Required documents :

  • Pan card
  • Bank account
  • Cancel cheque
  • Address proof document
  • Gst number
  • Email address
  • Mobile number.

Flipkart commission :

The commission will depend upon products. Different commission for different products.

Fixed fees :

If the selling price is 0-500 rs then fixed fees will be 10 rs.

If the selling price is 500-1000 rs then fixed fees are 20 rs.

If the selling price is 1000 rs then fixed fees are 40 rs.


Collection fees:

  • Selling fees – 0-750 rs
  • Then prepaid – 2%.
  • Postpaid – rs 15

Selling fees – 750 rs and above.

Then  Prepaid – 2% , Postpaid – 2%.

Shipping fees will also be charged.

Here the shipping fees are charged in two ways first by calculating weight and the volume of products. As here the weight and the volume of the product are compared. And then on greater one shipping fees are charged.

Weight 100 gm

Local – 5rs.

Zonal – 7 rs.

National – 10 rs.

Weight 0-500gm

Local – 35



Weight 500-1000 gm

Local – 20.

Zonal – 27.


Batches :

As the Flipkart categorized their seller into three type

1. Browns

When someone is registered as a new seller then he is considered a brown seller. Here you will get Payment cycle – 15 days. Shipping – 0%discount. Manager-No. Product visibility – no. Sales – No

2. Silver

If you complete 3000 orders or your sales earn 25 lakh. Payment cycle – 10 days. Shipping – 10% discount. Manager – No. Product visibility – medium. Sales – No participation.

3. Gold

If you are good at silver then you will be categorized as gold.Payment cycle:7 days. Shipping: 20% discount. Manager: yes. Product visibility: high. Sales: yes.

Now let’s discuss how much margin you will get after paying all charges. Charges such as shipping fee, collection fee, fixed fee, service tax, commission.

Selling price – commission – shipping fees collection fees-fixed fee-service tax = profit margin.


So this how the small business earns from Amazon, Flipkart. Amazon and Flipkart earn from small business. So if you have an offline business and have limited customer then you can run online and get a worldwide customer.

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