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  • Requirements

  • Requirements
  • Requirements


    The SAM extension interfaces to the IBM Messaging
    and Queuing middleware products using a set of libraries and some
    client side code referred to as XMS. This package is available as a
    free download in the guise of IBM support pack IA94. There is a
    description of this package and download links in the article
    »  Introducing XMS – The IBM
    Message Service API

    If you intend to use SAM to access the Messaging
    and Queuing infrastructure within WebSphere MQ then you will also
    need to have installed a local MQ queue manager or installed the
    WebSphere MQ clients package. The clients package is freely
    available as a support pack (» MQC6).

    If you are only aiming to experiment with sending
    messages to and from WebSphere Application Server queues using the
    WebSphere Platform Messaging protocol (WPM) then you do
    not need to install the MQC6 package.

    After installing these packages you will need to
    ensure the XMS binary and, if you are using it, the MQ client bin
    directory are included in the PATH
    environment variable so that Apache and PHP can find the dependent