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    Messages sent to and received from queues are
    represented by the SAMMessage object. The SAMMessage object
    encapsulates the body of the message (if one exists) and the header
    properties associated with the message. A SAMMessage object is
    either supplied as a parameter to a messaging operation or returned
    as a result.

    Example #1 Creating a message with a simple text

    = new SAMMessage('This is a simple text message');

    Messages may have header properties associated with
    them that provide control over the transport of the message or
    further information to the receiving application. By default
    message properties are delivered to the underlying messaging system
    as strings and in this case they may be set with the following
    simple syntax:

    Example #2 Setting a text format property using the
    default syntax

    ->header->myPropertyName 'textData';

    If it is desired to pass type information an
    alternative syntax may be used where the value and the type hint
    are passed in an associative array:

    Example #3 Setting a property using a type

    ->header->myPropertyName = array(3.14159SAM_FLOAT);

    Properties may also be extracted from the header of
    a message.

    Example #4 Retrieving a property from a message