• Installing/Configuring
  • Requirements

  • Requirements
  • Requirements


    Phar requires PHP 5.2.0 or newer. Additional
    features require the SPL
    extension in order to take advantage of iteration and array access
    to a Phar’s file contents. The phar stream does not
    require any additional extensions to function.

    You may optionally wish to enable the zlib and bzip2 extensions to take
    advantage of compressed phar support. In addition, to take
    advantage of OpenSSL signing, the OpenSSL extension must be enabled.

    Note that a bug in the zlib.deflate stream
    filter fixed in PHP version 5.2.6 and newer may cause truncation of
    gzip and bzip2-compressed phar archives.

    PHP 5.3 configured with
    –enable-zend-multibyte makes phar dependant on the ini option