• What makes a phar a phar and not
    a tar or a zip?
  • Tar-based phars

  • Tar-based phars
  • Tar-based phars

    Tar-based phars

    Archives based on the tar file format follow the
    more modern USTAR file format. The design of the tar file header
    makes them more efficient to access than the zip file format, and
    almost as efficient as the phar file format. File names are limited
    to 255 bytes, including full path within the phar archive. There is
    no limit on the number of files within a tar-based phar archive.
    These archives can fully compressed in gzip or bzip2 format and
    still be executed by the Phar extension.

    To compress an entire archive, use Phar::compress(). To decompress an entire
    archive, use Phar::decompress().