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    This » PECL extension is not bundled with

    An example installation procedure on Ubuntu 18.04
    with PHP 7.2:

    // Dependencies
    $ apt install build-essential libprotobuf-dev libboost-dev openssl protobuf-compiler
    // PHP with the desired extensions; php7.2-dev is required to compile
    $ apt install php7.2-cli php7.2-dev php7.2-mysql php7.2-pdo php7.2-xml
    // Compile the extension
    $ pecl install mysql_xdevapi

    The pecl install command does not enable
    PHP extensions (by default) and enabling PHP extensions can be done
    in several ways. Another PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 example:

    // Create its own ini file
    $ echo "" > /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysql_xdevapi.ini
    // Use the 'phpenmod' command (note: it's Debian/Ubuntu specific)
    $ phpenmod -v 7.2 -s ALL mysql_xdevapi
    // A 'phpenmod' alternative is to manually symlink it
    // $ ln -s /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysql_xdevapi.ini /etc/php/7.2/cli/conf.d/20-mysql_xdevapi.ini
    // Let's see which MySQL extensions are enabled now
    $ php -m |grep mysql

    Information for installing this PECL extension may
    be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of PECL extensions. Additional
    information such as new releases, downloads, source files,
    maintainer information, and a CHANGELOG, can be located here: