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    This extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0, and it
    was removed in PHP 7.0.0. Instead, the MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extension should be used. See also MySQL: choosing an
    guide and related FAQ for more information. Alternatives to this
    function include:

    For compiling, simply use the
    configuration option where the optional [DIR] points to
    the MySQL installation directory.

    Although this MySQL extension is compatible with
    MySQL 4.1.0 and greater, it doesn’t support the extra functionality
    that these versions provide. For that, use the MySQLi extension.

    If you would like to install the mysql extension
    along with the mysqli extension you have to use the same client
    library to avoid any conflicts.

    Installation on Linux Systems

    Note: [DIR] is the path to the MySQL
    client library files (headers and
    ), which can be downloaded from » MySQL.

    ext/mysql compile time support
    PHP Version Default Configure Options: mysqlnd Configure Options: libmysqlclient Changelog
    4.x.x libmysqlclient Not Available –without-mysql to
    MySQL enabled by default, MySQL client libraries are
    5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x libmysqlclient Not Available –with-mysql=[DIR] MySQL is no longer enabled by default, and the MySQL client
    libraries are no longer bundled
    5.3.x libmysqlclient –with-mysql=mysqlnd –with-mysql=[DIR] mysqlnd is now available
    5.4.x mysqlnd –with-mysql –with-mysql=[DIR] mysqlnd is now the default

    Installation on Windows Systems

    PHP 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x

    MySQL is no longer enabled by default, so the
    php_mysql.dll DLL must be enabled
    inside of php.ini. Also, PHP needs
    access to the MySQL client library. A file named libmysql.dll is included in the Windows PHP
    distribution and in order for PHP to talk to MySQL this file needs
    to be available to the Windows systems PATH. See the FAQ titled “How
    do I add my PHP directory to the PATH on
    ” for information on how to do this. Although copying
    libmysql.dll to the Windows system
    directory also works (because the system directory is by default in
    the system’s PATH), it’s not

    As with enabling any PHP extension (such as
    php_mysql.dll), the PHP directive
    extension_dir should be set to the directory where the
    PHP extensions are located. See also the Manual Windows
    Installation Instructions
    . An example extension_dir value for
    PHP 5 is c:\php\ext


    If when starting the web server an error similar to
    the following occurs: “Unable to load dynamic library
    , this is because php_mysql.dll and/or libmysql.dll cannot be found by the system.

    PHP 5.3.0+

    The MySQL Native Driver is enabled by default. Include
    php_mysql.dll, but libmysql.dll is no longer required or used.

    MySQL Installation Notes


    Crashes and startup problems of PHP may be
    encountered when loading this extension in conjunction with the
    recode extension. See the recode extension for more information.


    If you need charsets other than latin (default), you have to install external (not
    bundled) libmysqlclient with compiled charset support.