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    Mimetype extensions has been removed from PHP 5.3.0
    in favor of Fileinfo.

    You must compile PHP with the configure switch
    –with-mime-magic to get
    support for mime-type functions. The extension needs a copy of the
    simplified magic file that is
    distributed with the Apache httpd.


    This extension is not capable of handling the fully
    decorated magic file that generally
    comes with standard Linux distro’s and is supposed to be used with
    recent versions of file command.

    Note: Note to Win32

    In order to use this module on a Windows
    environment, you must set the path to the bundled magic.mime file in your php.ini.

    Example #1 Setting the path to magic.mime

    mime_magic.magicfile = "$PHP_INSTALL_DIR\magic.mime"

    Remember to substitute the $PHP_INSTALL_DIR for your actual path to PHP in
    the above example. e.g. c:\php