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    Extensions that are gone from the PHP core

    One of the first things you’re likely to notice
    when you download PHP 5.1.x is that several of the older extensions
    have disappeared. Those extensions that are still actively
    maintained are available in the PHP Extension Community Library
    (PECL), at » https://pecl.php.net/.

    Removed extensions
    Extension Alternative/Status
    ext/cpdf pecl/pdflib
    ext/dbx pecl/dbx
    ext/dio pecl/dio
    ext/fam Not actively maintained
    ext/ingres_ii pecl/ingres
    ext/ircg Not actively maintained
    ext/mcve pecl/mcve
    ext/mnogosearch Not actively maintained
    ext/oracle ext/oci8 or ext/pdo_oci
    ext/ovrimos Not actively maintained
    ext/pfpro Not actively maintained
    ext/w32api » pecl/ffi
    ext/yp Not actively maintained
    ext/activescript » pecl/activescript

    Modules in PECL that are not actively maintained
    (i.e. have not been supported for some time, have no active
    maintainer working on them currently, and do not have any PECL
    package releases), are still available in SVN at » https://svn.php.net/viewvc/pecl.
    However, unreleased PHP modules are by their nature unsupported,
    and your mileage may vary when attempting to install or use

    Class constants in new PHP 5.1.x extensions

    The Zend Engine 2.1 API allows extension developers
    to declare class constants in object oriented extensions. New
    extensions written for PHP 5.1.x, including SPL, PDO, XMLReader and date, have their constants in the format
    PDO::CLASS_CONSTANT rather than in
    the C format PDO_CLASS_CONSTANT in
    order to minimise pollution of the global namespace in PHP.