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  • New Object Model

  • New Object Model
  • New Object Model

    New Object Model

    In PHP 5 there is a new Object Model. PHP’s
    handling of objects has been completely rewritten, allowing for
    better performance and more features. In previous versions of PHP,
    objects were handled like primitive types (for instance integers
    and strings). The drawback of this method was that semantically the
    whole object was copied when a variable was assigned, or passed as
    a parameter to a method. In the new approach, objects are
    referenced by handle, and not by value (one can think of a handle
    as an object’s identifier).

    Many PHP programmers aren’t even aware of the
    copying quirks of the old object model and, therefore, the majority
    of PHP applications will work out of the box, or with very few

    The new Object Model is documented at the Language Reference.

    In PHP 5, function with the name of a class is
    called as a constructor only if defined in the same class. In PHP
    4, it is called also if defined in the parent class.

    See also the zend.ze1_compatibility_mode directive for compatibility
    with PHP 4.