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  • Databases
  • Databases


    There were some changes in PHP 5 regarding
    databases (MySQL and SQLite).

    In PHP 5 the MySQL client libraries are not
    bundled, because of license and maintenance problems. MySQL is
    supported with the only change being that MySQL support is no
    longer enabled by default in PHP 5. This
    essentially means that PHP doesn’t include the –with-mysql option in the configure line so that you
    must now manually do this when compiling PHP. Windows users will
    need to edit php.ini and enable the
    php_mysql.dll DLL as in PHP 4 no such
    DLL existed, it was simply built into your Windows PHP

    There is also a new extension, MySQLi (Improved MySQL), which
    is designed to work with MySQL 4.1 and above.

    Since PHP 5, the SQLite extension is built-in PHP. SQLite is an
    embeddable SQL database engine and is not a client library used to
    connect to a big database server (like MySQL or PostgreSQL). The
    SQLite library reads and writes directly to and from the database
    files on disk.