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  • CLI and CGI

  • CLI and CGI
  • CLI and CGI

    CLI and CGI

    In PHP 5 there were some changes in CLI and CGI
    filenames. In PHP 5, the CGI version was renamed to php-cgi.exe (previously php.exe) and the CLI version now sits in the main
    directory (previously cli/php.exe).

    In PHP 5 it was also introduced a new mode:
    php-win.exe. This is equal to the CLI
    version, except that php-win doesn’t output anything and thus
    provides no console (no “dos box” appears on the screen). This
    behavior is similar to php-gtk.

    In PHP 5, the CLI version will always populate the
    global $argv and $argc variables regardless of any
    php.ini directive setting. Even having
    register_argc_argv set to off will have no
    affect in CLI.

    See also the command line reference.