• Installing/Configuring
  • Runtime Configuration

  • Runtime Configuration
  • Runtime Configuration

    Runtime Configuration

    The behaviour of these functions is affected by
    settings in php.ini.

    Memcache Configuration Options
    Name Default Changeable Changelog
    memcache.allow_failover “1” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.0.2.
    memcache.max_failover_attempts “20” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.1.0.
    memcache.chunk_size “8192” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.0.2.
    memcache.default_port “11211” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.0.2.
    memcache.hash_strategy “standard” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.2.0.
    memcache.hash_function “crc32” PHP_INI_ALL Available since memcache 2.2.0.
    session.save_handler “files” PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 2.1.2
    session.save_path “” PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 2.1.2
    memcache.protocol ascii >PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 3.0.0
    memcache.redundancy 1 >PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 3.0.0
    memcache.session_redundancy 2 >PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 3.0.0
    memcache.compress_threshold 20000 >PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 3.0.3
    memcache.lock_timeout 15 >PHP_INI_ALL Supported since memcache 3.0.4

    For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* modes, see the
    Where a
    configuration setting may be set

    Here’s a short explanation of the configuration

    memcache.allow_failover boolean

    Whether to transparently failover to other servers
    on errors.

    memcache.max_failover_attempts integer

    Defines how many servers to try when setting and
    getting data. Used only in conjunction with

    memcache.chunk_size integer

    Data will be transferred in chunks of this size,
    setting the value lower requires more network writes. Try
    increasing this value to 32768 if noticing otherwise inexplicable

    memcache.default_port string

    The default TCP port number to use when connecting
    to the memcached server if no other port is specified.

    memcache.hash_strategy string

    Controls which strategy to use when mapping keys to
    servers. Set this value to consistent to enable consistent
    hashing which allows servers to be added or removed from the pool
    without causing keys to be remapped. Setting this value to
    standard results in the old strategy being used.

    memcache.hash_function string

    Controls which hash function to apply when mapping
    keys to servers, crc32 uses the standard CRC32 hash while
    fnv uses FNV-1a.

    session.save_handler string

    Use memcache as a session handler by setting this
    value to memcache.

    session.save_path string

    Defines a comma separated of server urls to use for
    session storage, for example “tcp://host1:11211,

    Each url may contain parameters which are applied
    to that server, they are the same as for the Memcache::addServer() method. For example

    memcache.protocol string

    memcache.redundancy integer

    memcache.session_redundancy integer

    memcache.compress_threshold integer

    memcache.lock_timeout integer