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    This » PECL extension is not bundled with

    Information for installing this PECL extension may
    be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of PECL extensions. Additional
    information such as new releases, downloads, source files,
    maintainer information, and a CHANGELOG, can be located here:

    A DLL for this PECL extension
    is currently unavailable. See also the building on Windows section.

    If installing without specifying the libmonetra
    path, PHP will attempt to look in the default LibMonetra Install
    location (/usr/local). If Monetra
    (MCVE) is in a non-standard location, run configure with:
    –with-mcve=$mcve_path ,
    where $mcve_path is the path to your MCVE/Monetra installation.
    Please note that MCVE/Monetra support requires that $mcve_path/lib
    and $mcve_path/include exist, and include mcve.h or monetra.h
    under the include directory and and/or libmcve.a and/or and/or libmonetra.a under the lib directory.

    Since MCVE/Monetra has true server/client
    separation, there are no additional requirements for running PHP
    with MCVE support. To test your MCVE/Monetra extension in PHP, you
    may connect to on port 8333 for IP, or port
    8444 for SSL using the MCVE/Monetra PHP API. Use ‘vitale’ for your
    username, and ‘test’ for your password. Additional information
    about test facilities are available at »