MahaeSeva Kendra


The Maha-e-Seva Kendra it also called a common service centre, e-Seva Kendra, and also with many more names. In our daily life, we sometimes face some legal issue to solve those issues we either go to advocate secondly we visit maha-e- seva Kendra. Yes, this centre solves the problem of legal documents and also many other services. These legal services are indirectly provided by the government to the consumer through maha-e-Seva Kendra. The owner of maha-e-Seva Kendra is known as VLE i. e.. Village level entrepreneur. The village-level entrepreneur may be an individual or trusts who may run combined. The mahe-e -Seva Kendra established to set a link to the district administration and also other aim is to provide electronic smooth services directly to the citizens. This Busines may be profitable because it is linked to the government so you may get some schemes and you will have customers as it is backed by government support.

How to begin
If you want to become a Village level entrepreneur and want to own maha-e-Seva Kendra. Then you have to fulfill all requirements which are mentioned by the government. At first, you need to apply for it when the seats get opened after applying if you get selected then you have to get CSC licensed as for that you have to mention your adhar number and your age should be above 18. You can get registered on CSC through the website. The infrastructural requirement to set up a maha-e-Seva Kendra. It can be your investment.

Computer with 120Gb hard disc drive and with 512 Mb RAM.
Printer, Colour Printer.

This is are some tools or device you require to setup maha-e-Seva Kendra. As it works mostly technical so. Which type of service is provided by maha-e-Seva Kendra. The services such as issuing the legal documents to the citizens.
Age nationality certificate.
Income certificate.
Residence certificate.
Senior citizen certificate.
Heirship Certificate.
Adhar card
All types of recharge such as cable mobile, data card etc.
Bill payment such as electricity, mobile bill etc.
Booking for flights, bus, train.
Transfer money service.
RTI service.
Pan card services
Passport services
RTO service.

Some of the maha e Seva Kendra is linked to banks so they provide the bank service to customers indirectly from a respective or specific bank. How they are eligible for giving particular services:

After getting registering and after setting up your office the first question is arisen that which services you should provide and in which service you will get your good earnings. So for this, you have to study each service and obviously about their pay as you will earn from it. As the study requires because there are around 400 services where you can give to your customers. But from these 400 services, you have to choose some of them where you can do it properly and also with the possibility of getting a good customer for it. As above some service are discussed where you can earn good profit from it.
Insurance services Premium collection services of an insurance company like LIC, SBI, ICICI, and also many others.
Ayushaman Bharat scheme
Flight tricks.
Railway ticket booking.
Bharat – bill pay.
CSC academy.

You will eligible for particular services when you will pass the required exam as some of them are free but you should at least get an id and password about particular services which you wish to provide to your customers. Some service discussed with earnings

Booking a ticket
If you want to eligible for this service then you have to be an agent for it.
And for that, you need to pay first 1000 rs to be an agent after you are eligible to provide this service.
Sleeping booking tickets: commission per 20
AC Booking tickets: commission per 40

Ayushaman Bharat services

Here you have to get only an id, password then you are eligible for providing this service. In this service, you have to just issue a golden card to a person as after that you will get per commission 50-60 rs.
This golden card is very helpful for people as after receiving this the person get benefits of free medical treatment of rs 5 lakh yearly in their city hospital.

Insurance services
In this, you will work as an agent for that insurance company so here you a huge commission on per policy.

Pan card service
Here you will also eligible for this service after getting id, password. In this service, your work is creating a pan card for people. As here you will earn 150 rs commission per person.

Adhar card services
To provide this service you have first a simple exam which is required for that. As the exam is of 110 marks. And also you have to get an Id, password for it. Then you will eligible for providing this. Then main work for this service is that creating an adhar card for people.
As you here you can earn 33 rs for per adhar update. The one more way of generating income is that by participating in the CSC census. As here if you have completed the targeted given work then you will be paid. As it will be pay after 2 weeks of completing work. As the payment is done either in your respective bank account if not then I’m your digital wallet. As the Commission on the particular work is in such a way.
Residential = 10 rs.
Residential cum commercial =rs 20
Commercial =rs20.

Csc academy
Here also you have to get an id, password for it. Then you will eligible to provide this service as here your main work is that you have the get completed the courses from your students you have to make certified him with the given certificate. After that, you get a commission on it. Per commission will be around 300. And also there are many services where you can earn good money from it. As the main advantage is that here you will get many opportunities to earn good money.

So this how the maha-e-Seva Kendra is run. This is also a very good business opportunity and it is a secure business opportunity as it is backed by the government so. In this business, you have just delivery the government services to the citizen.

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