• Installing/Configuring
  • Runtime Configuration

  • Runtime Configuration
  • Runtime Configuration

    Runtime Configuration

    The behaviour of these functions is affected by
    settings in php.ini.

    inclued Configure Options
    Name Default Changeable Changelog
    inclued.enabled Off PHP_INI_SYSTEM  
    inclued.dumpdir NULL PHP_INI_SYSTEM  

    For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* modes, see the
    Where a
    configuration setting may be set

    Here’s a short explanation of the configuration

    inclued.enabled bool

    Whether or not to enable inclued.

    inclued.dumpdir string

    Location (path) to the directory that stores
    inclued files. If set, each PHP request will create a file. These
    files are serialized versions of what inclued_get_data() would produce, so may be
    unserialized with unserialize().


    Because every request creates a file, this
    directory may fill up fast!