• Installing/Configuring
  • Requirements

  • Requirements
  • Requirements


    This extension requires the c-client library to be
    installed. Grab the latest version from »
    and compile it.

    It’s important that you do not copy the IMAP source
    files directly into the system include directory as there may be
    conflicts. Instead, create a new directory inside the system
    include directory, such as /usr/local/imap-2000b/ (location and name depend
    on your setup and IMAP version), and inside this new directory
    create additional directories named lib/ and include/.
    From the c-client directory from your
    IMAP source tree, copy all the *.h
    files into include/ and all the
    *.c files into lib/. Additionally when you compiled IMAP, a file
    named c-client.a was created. Also put
    this in the lib/ directory but rename
    it as libc-client.a.


    To build the c-client library with SSL or/and
    Kerberos support read the docs supplied with the package.

    Note: In
    Mandrake Linux, the IMAP library (libc-client.a) is compiled without Kerberos
    support. A separate version with SSL (client-PHP4.a) is installed. The library must be
    recompiled in order to add Kerberos support.