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  • Builtin Fonts

  • Builtin Fonts
  • Builtin Fonts

    Builtin Fonts

    These Base14 fonts are built-in into PDF and all
    viewers can display them. Using these fonts may decrease the size
    of the result file and make the processing faster, avoiding loading
    external fonts. However the fonts support only latin1 character set
    and you have to load external fonts if you need to use an other
    character set.

    The Base14 fonts:

    • Courier

    • Courier-Bold

    • Courier-Oblique

    • Courier-BoldOblique

    • Helvetica

    • Helvetica-Bold

    • Helvetica-Oblique

    • Helvetica-BoldOblique

    • Times-Roman

    • Times-Bold

    • Times-Italic

    • Times-BoldItalic

    • Symbol

    • ZapfDingbats