Extending an Object in javascript OOPS

The extends keyword can be used to extend the objects as well as classes in JavaScript. It is usually used to create a class which is child of another class.


class childclass extends parentclass {…}

class parentclass extends in-built object {…}


Below example depicts how a child class uses properties of parent class using the keyword extends and by creating objects of the child class. In example 1, we see that class Profile has two attributes name and age. Now we will see that class Student acquires both attributes of class Profile using the keyword extends with an added attribute languages and then all attributes are displayed.

Example 1: In this example, we use the extends keyword.

  • Program:
        // Declaring class
        class Profile { 
            // Constructor of profile class
            constructor(name, age) { 
                this.name = name;
                this.age = age;
            getName() {
                // Method to return name
                return this.name; 
            getAge() {
                // Method to return age
                return this.age; 
            getClass() {
                return this;
    // Class Student extends class Profile 
    class Student extends Profile { 
        // Each data of class Profile can be
        // accessed from student class.
        constructor(name, age, languages) {
            // Acquiring of attributes of parent class
            super(name, age); 
            this.lang = [...languages];
        // Method to display all attributes
        getDetails() {
            console.log("Name : " + this.name);
            console.log("Age : " + this.age);
            console.log("Languages : " + this.lang);
    // Creating object of child class with passing of values
    var student1 = new Student("Ankit Dholakia", 24,
                ['Java', 'Python', 'PHP', 'JavaScript']);
  • Output:
    Name : Ankit Dholakia
    Age : 24
    Languages : Java,Python,PHP,JavaScript

Example 2: In this example, we will see how spread syntax can be used to extend two objects into a third object and display the containing attributes of both objects.

  • Program:
    // Creating first object
    var obj1 = { 
         name: 'Ankit',
         age: 20
    // Creating second object
    var obj2 = { 
        marks: 50
    // Using spread syntax to extend
    // both objects into one
    var object = {
  • Output:
    { name: 'Ankit', age: 20, marks: 50 }