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  • db++ error codes
  • db++ error codes

    db++ error codes

    DB++ Error Codes
    PHP Constant db++ constant meaning
    DBPLUS_ERR_NOERR (integer) ERR_NOERR Null error condition
    ERR_DUPLICATE Tried to insert a duplicate tuple
    DBPLUS_ERR_EOSCAN (integer) ERR_EOSCAN End of scan from rget()
    DBPLUS_ERR_EMPTY (integer) ERR_EMPTY Relation is empty (server)
    DBPLUS_ERR_CLOSE (integer) ERR_CLOSE The server can’t close
    DBPLUS_ERR_WLOCKED (integer) ERR_WLOCKED The record is write locked
    DBPLUS_ERR_LOCKED (integer) ERR_LOCKED Relation was already locked
    DBPLUS_ERR_NOLOCK (integer) ERR_NOLOCK Relation cannot be locked
    DBPLUS_ERR_READ (integer) ERR_READ Read error on relation
    DBPLUS_ERR_WRITE (integer) ERR_WRITE Write error on relation
    DBPLUS_ERR_CREATE (integer) ERR_CREATE Create() system call failed
    DBPLUS_ERR_LSEEK (integer) ERR_LSEEK Lseek() system call failed
    DBPLUS_ERR_LENGTH (integer) ERR_LENGTH Tuple exceeds maximum length
    DBPLUS_ERR_OPEN (integer) ERR_OPEN Open() system call failed
    DBPLUS_ERR_WOPEN (integer) ERR_WOPEN Relation already opened for writing
    DBPLUS_ERR_MAGIC (integer) ERR_MAGIC File is not a relation
    DBPLUS_ERR_VERSION (integer) ERR_VERSION File is a very old relation
    DBPLUS_ERR_PGSIZE (integer) ERR_PGSIZE Relation uses a different page size
    DBPLUS_ERR_CRC (integer) ERR_CRC Invalid crc in the superpage
    DBPLUS_ERR_PIPE (integer) ERR_PIPE Piped relation requires lseek()
    DBPLUS_ERR_NIDX (integer) ERR_NIDX Too many secondary indices
    DBPLUS_ERR_MALLOC (integer) ERR_MALLOC Malloc() call failed
    DBPLUS_ERR_NUSERS (integer) ERR_NUSERS Error use of max users
    DBPLUS_ERR_PREEXIT (integer) ERR_PREEXIT Caused by invalid usage
    DBPLUS_ERR_ONTRAP (integer) ERR_ONTRAP Caused by a signal
    DBPLUS_ERR_PREPROC (integer) ERR_PREPROC Error in the preprocessor
    DBPLUS_ERR_DBPARSE (integer) ERR_DBPARSE Error in the parser
    DBPLUS_ERR_DBRUNERR (integer) ERR_DBRUNERR Run error in db
    ERR_DBPREEXIT Exit condition caused by prexit() * procedure
    DBPLUS_ERR_WAIT (integer) ERR_WAIT Wait a little (Simple only)
    ERR_CORRUPT_TUPLE A client sent a corrupt tuple
    DBPLUS_ERR_WARNING0 (integer) ERR_WARNING0 The Simple routines encountered a non fatal error which was
    DBPLUS_ERR_PANIC (integer) ERR_PANIC The server should not really die but after a disaster send
    ERR_PANIC to all its clients
    DBPLUS_ERR_FIFO (integer) ERR_FIFO Can’t create a fifo
    DBPLUS_ERR_PERM (integer) ERR_PERM Permission denied
    DBPLUS_ERR_TCL (integer) ERR_TCL TCL_error
    ERR_RESTRICTED Only two users
    DBPLUS_ERR_USER (integer) ERR_USER An error in the use of the library by an application