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  • Basic usage

  • Basic usage
  • Basic usage

    Basic usage

    Example #1 DBA example


    $id dba_open("/tmp/test.db""n""db2");

    if (!$id) {
    "dba_open failed\n";

    dba_replace("key""This is an example!"$id);

    if (dba_exists("key"$id)) {


    DBA is binary safe and does not have any arbitrary
    limits. However, it inherits all limits set by the underlying
    database implementation.

    All file-based databases must provide a way of
    setting the file mode of a new created database, if that is
    possible at all. The file mode is commonly passed as the fourth
    argument to dba_open() or dba_popen().

    You can access all entries of a database in a
    linear way by using the dba_firstkey() and dba_nextkey() functions. You may not change
    the database while traversing it.

    Example #2 Traversing a database


    // ...open database...

    $key dba_firstkey($id);

    while ($key !== false) {
        if (
    true) {          // remember the key to perform some action later
    $handle_later[] = $key;
    $key dba_nextkey($id);

    foreach ($handle_later as $val) {