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    To use PHP’s cURL support you must also compile PHP
    –with-curl[=DIR] where
    DIR is the location of the directory containing the lib and include
    directories. In the include directory
    there should be a folder named curl
    which should contain the easy.h and
    curl.h files. There should be a file
    named libcurl.a located in the
    lib directory. Before PHP 5.5.0 it was
    possible to configure PHP to use cURL for URL streams
    –with-curlwrappers .

    Note: Note to Win32

    In order to enable this module on a Windows
    environment, libeay32.dll and
    ssleay32.dll, or, as of OpenSSL 1.1
    libcrypto-*.dll and libssl-*.dll, must be present in your PATH. Also libssh2.dll
    must be present in your PATH.

    You don’t need libcurl.dll from the cURL site.