Courier Business

Courier Business

If you want to start your Business at minimum investment then you can start with courier Business. Yes, this Business is one of the easy Business here you doesn’t require to hold inventory here you have just provide a quality service.
As this same service is also provided at the post office but it requires more time. We know that fastest way of send courier is speed post which can be sent through post office but in most, there is a lengthy line of people where you have to wait in the line and your work can be get completed as around time may require half hour to one hour as if your parcel of regular then it may be a time consuming so here the courier company carries the same work in the fastest way. So in such a way the courier company get into existence.

Before starting this service decide which type of service you want to provide means decide which type of parcel you want to delivery.
And the actual work is sending the parcel to their end destination.
If you are working in a franchise model then the actual work will be of collecting all the parcels and delivering to the hub as the further process is carried out by the company.

Now, let’s discuss the activities which are involved in it :

Taking orders as you can do it by offering your offers to the other Bussiness who has lots of work of sending parcel so you can contact them and offer your service at a reasonable rate. Because of that, they can attract to your service. As before setting the Bussiness you have carried many activities such as staffing, marketing, establishment cost and transportation and planning. You have to also go from the registration process such as acquired a courier licence from your local authority as you can also take a tax consultant and also you have to acquire insurance such as commercial vehicle coverage, cargo insurance, workers compensation insurance etc. The next step is that you should also have the resources such as vehicles (For the vehicle you will also get a commercial vehicle loan) Now if you want to run the Bussiness then you have to also hire the employees such as skilled and experienced people for office works and you will also require the delivery people to delivery with clean driving licence.

You have to also fix the charges as while fixing the charges there are different parameters where you have to take into consideration such as size, weight, volume. Take care your rate should be reasonable then market.

Average capital
As this capital is a round figure which a just assumed. For setuping the office it may be required around 30k. For vehicle, if you get one cargo van for starting purpose or it is up to you how many vehicles you want to own. And also plus delivery boys go around 45k. If considered other expenses then you can take as 5k. And also franchise fee if you want to take then it goes while starting is 50k. If you don’t take any franchise model then you may be considered the rent fees also if your office is rented. So around this much capital, you may be assumed while starting up. Now let’s discuss which are the courier company and how it works.

DTDC Franchise

You can apply for this franchise through the website. They provide different types of franchise according to category A, B, C.
A-1-5 lac.
Your place should be on the ground floor and it doesn’t matter whether it is rented or owned you have to just give the required documents of it. Your royalties fees will be 10%. They didn’t take any franchise fees as they take money for security purpose.
Required further process
They will check your proposal
Then they will visit your Business place.
After that, you can fill the form.
Then you have to send the demand draft,
Identity proof-Voters card or driving licence.
Address proof-ration card.
License agreement or ownership agreement, bank passbook, bank statement.
Then the verification of documents.
The approval process will be done.
Email communication.
Then there will On/Off training.
After that, you will get a certificate of training.
Handing over the duties.
Opening of the franchise.

You can also take an e-commerce courier Business such as Flipkart or Amazon. Let’s discuss one of them.
Flipkart the courier Business is a kart.
Ekart handles all the delivery operation of Flipkart. And you can be a part of it by taking its franchise. Here you will get proper training as the training will be provided in your city. The investment is 5k to 1 lac as a deposit.
Here there is an agreement of 3 to 4 years of the franchise.
Basic requirements are of the printer, computer, scanners, bar code scanner, shipping labels and good internet connection Your office space should be 400sqft to 600sqft. Required documents are property paper, pan, GST, canceled check.


In gati, you can run your courier Business in two ways by the mobile kiosk and by the counter kiosk. As for the mobile kiosk, you will require a four-wheeler vehicle and for counter kiosk 500sqft.
The main advantage of this franchise is that they cover an overall 2100 Pincode service and also offers Business growth and kick start Business.


It doesn’t take any franchise fees
Here you will get your commission weekly.
As for this franchise, you will require an office space of 500-700 sqft.
And also computer, printer, scanner, bar code, internet.
You have also required to complete the KYC as required documents are adhar card, pan card, bank account details etc.
You will also need a cargo van.
Old delivery boys with their bikes and clean driving license
You can apply through the website according to your city and after seven days they will contact you if you are eligible. And there are many more courier company which are providing their services overall India that for example. PROFESSIONAL.


As in the above details, tried to explain the courier Business as it is explained through various franchise models and also through e-commerce courier services. If you want to start then you can start either your independent services for local or also you can take a franchise or can also take an e-commerce courier services as from that you can earn good money from it.

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