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Bcompiler GUI – Official Page

Latest Version : 1.1

About : Bcompiler GUI is a freeware application that helps you compile and obfuscate your PHP scripts.
Encode and obfuscate PHP scripts using this software is simple and does not take any knowledge at all.
Bcompiler GUI encodes and obfuscates your PHP code to make the output difficult to reverse engineer, using bcompiler as compiler.
With this method you can distribute your software applications made in PHP without any worries at all.
Notice that Bcompiler GUI comes in two versions, one for Linux and one for Windows.

Always remember : Bcompiler GUI is a free PHP bytecode compiler.
Before downloading Bcompiler please take a look at the online documentation.

Based On :
Bcompiler – A PHP bytecode Compiler

Changelog :

Whats new v.1.1 :
Problems with subpaths solved.
Now for example you can use as webpage root :
/opt/lampp/htdocs/test/mysiteCompiled (under Linux)
c:\xampp\htdocs\test\mysiteCompiled (under Windows)
Better interface (more intuitive)
Fixed some smaller BugsWhats new v.1.0 :
First official and public release.

Pad file for updates can be found here :

Bcompiler GUI screenshot
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