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    If backward compatibility with the applicable parts
    of APC is required, APCu must be configured with the option


    PHP 7 has a separate module (» apc.so) for backwards
    compatibility with APC.

    In backward compatibility mode, APCu registers the
    applicable APC functions with backward compatible prototypes.

    Where an APC function accepted cache_type, it is simply ignored by the backward
    compatible version, and omitted from the prototype for the APCu

    Note: On
    Windows, APCu needs a temp path to exist, and be writable by the
    web server. It checks the TMP, TEMP and USERPROFILE environment
    variables in that order and finally tries the WINDOWS directory if
    none of those are set.

    Note: For
    more in-depth, highly technical implementation details, see the
    »  developer-supplied TECHNOTES

    APCu sources can be found » here.